Hotel Mania is a family-run hotel situated on the east side of Stara Zagora city, near to Bedechka park. Just 5 minutes from the city centre by car, Hotel Mania's location combines the quietness of a small neighborhood with the dynamics of a big city.

There are 12 elegant rooms and 2 apartments in the hotel each furnished in their own unique way and glamour. Every room is equipped with central-heating, air-conditioning, telephone, TV, LAN and Wireless Internet (Wifi) connection, cable television and a bathroom.

A mixture of modern design, warm colors and aesthetic beauty will make you feel comfortable and cozy. The hotel's facilities include: a conference hall for presentations, conferences and wedding ceremonies; a restaurant with 60 seats and a summer garden.

Mania for the detail and a high standard of services are the hotel’s main priorities. Hospitality, comfort and pleasant atmosphere are the prerequisites for an unforgettable experience





 6000,Stara Zagora

 46 Khan Tervel Str.

станете ни фен


 +359/42/26 78 58


+359/885 247 421